The Pati,The Parmeshwar !

Mrs Ahluwalia is blessed with one.I dont understand how he always appears from nowhere. To drop her at her neice's spa. To carry her 20 odd shopping bags. To pick her doctor's report from West Delhi.She must have observed "solah somvaar vrat " before her marriage.....

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Jawani ka Josh

In my josh, I decided to kick my job and started my dream project. Where I become my own boss.Few weeks later I regained the hosh. I realised that I was unable to stretch my 24 hours day to 3 more hours. Frustration grew. And zeal plummeted. I suddenly started thinking " Did I start - up or stopped my life?"

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D K Boss ya Boss @#

Whatsoever they call me, but anyone misusing my office's productive hours will not be spared. That stupid was supposed to make presentations for the conference. And he was arranging petty plumber for his 4 x 4 bathroom. Had I not sneaked in and overheard him, he would carry his call for 15 more minutes....

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Papa Kehte Hain..

..." Beta, Dont worry about me ! Concentrate on your work.My blessings are always with you."
But I am not with him. I need to put up in Gurgaon as my work demands it. Parents stay in Paschim Vihar. I wish I was born as twin, so one part of me would have taken care of my Paa 'n' Maa 's daily needs !

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Munnabhai rocks !

It was great movie. Hilarious one.
But at time, being a Doctor sucks ! You don't have time to take care of your personal life. People take you for granted. As if you dont have family.You dont have any personal tasks to be completed...there is no Saaddaaaa haq !

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Buddy 247 is a full scale lifestyle management and personal concierge company designed to free up your time and make your life enjoyable. Featuring a fully trained concierge staff, Buddy 247′s goal is to provide fast, friendly,and superb service.
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Most of us very often get a feeling or encounter situations where if someone from somewhere would have come & taken away my headaches and could have done all those petty tasks which end of the day becomes hurdle in my doing major & important works.
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For Who

Anyone that feels like they don’t have enough hours in their day to get everything done that’s needed. My services are for everyone, from Homes, Working Couples, Elderly People, New Parents, Busy Professionals, Start-ups to Large Companies wishing to offer their employees excellent benefits.
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Elders increasingly reliant on their family for assistance. Unfortunately, because of our busy schedules we are unable to give them enough time or sufficient care.They need assistance on a regular basis, but doesn’t want to give up their autonomy…Our Services for elders can strike just the right balance.Read more…


Time makes a great gift for virtually anyone and can significantly reduce the amount of time YOU have to spend wandering around aimlessly for completing those little pesky works, and tasks that clogs up your To- Do List!  Here are just a few of the many ways the gift of time can help all the special people in your life, including yourself! Read more…

Professional & Small Business

Using our service can be very beneficial if your business is just small enough that you need a fully-staffed office for the business to run smoothly.  Let us do the running for you! Without getting worried about administrative and field tasks,YOU can do what you do best, running your business. Read More…


Your employees’ first prompt (beyond the paycheck) is ‘am I appreciated’. Buddy 247 is uniquely equipped to provide personalized services that convey your appreciation. Engaged, passionate, focused, diligent, dynamic personnel who make their work a priority make business sing. Read More…

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